Window Glass Repair & Replacement
Window Glass Repair & Replacement

Window Glass Repairs

Whether it was a stray baseball, golf ball or vandalism that broke the glass in your window, a broken window means your home is exposed to the elements, and the broken window should be repaired as quickly as possible.

Hansen Glass is a trusted and reliable window glass repair and replacement company. We have been servicing Parker and the surrounding south Denver communities for over 30 years. Call us at (303) 699-9292 to set up an appointment. One of our glass repair experts will come to your home to evaluate the broken glass window or door, and our glass specialist will recommend the most cost-effective and timely glass repair or replacement options available.

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Board-up Service for Emergency Glass Breakage

Got an unexpected broken window? A broken window should be boarded up to keep out the elements and to keep your home safe. Hansen Glass offers a board-up service for emergency glass breakage. Large pieces of glass can be dangerous if broken. Call us 303-699-9292 for window, glass and mirror breakage clean-up and board service.

New Window Replacement & Installation

Hansen Glass is now offering replacement window service. Getting tired of those dated and drafty windows? Call now for an appointment or come by our showroom for ideas.

Foggy Windows

Old double or triple pane windows in your home can become cloudy or foggy. What this means is the seals in the glass panes are leaking. This type of leakage allow condensation to seep into the insulated space between the glass window panes. The resulting fogginess reduces visibility and lessens the window’s ability to insulate, which wastes precious energy and money. Instead of replacing the entire window, let our technicians accurately measure the broken or cracked glass pieces. We will order the new insulated glass, and then our installers will return to your home to make the necessary repairs safely and professionally.

Cabinet Glass

Kitchen cabinet doors serve two important functions. They set the tone for the kitchen and allow you to make a unique design statement with your chosen material, color, style and details. Using decorative specialty glass in cabinet fronts is a unique option. Come by our showroom and see the wide variety of specialty cabinet glass we offer.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is a great option for the home or office. Whether you add privacy to entry door sidelight windows or choose frosted glass cabinet doors, patterned decorative glass offers many modern and unique applications. Patterned glass allows as much natural light in as you want, it maintains a chosen degree of privacy, and can add texture to any space. Hansen Glass carries a large selection of patterned glass to fit your needs.

Window Glass Types

The art and science of making glass has been around for over 5000 years. The first glass was made by the ancient Egyptians and the city states of Mesopotamia. Glass is made from sand mixed with soda ash and limestone that is melted to over 3000 degrees. Technically, glass is a liquid or an amorphous solid with a molecular structure that is transparent. The addition of chemicals, colorants and different heating and cooling manufacturing processes are used to create the different glass types listed below.

Float Sheet Glass

Sheet glass is manufactured using the Pilkington process where melted glass is floated on a bed of molten tin. This produces a glass that is perfectly smooth on both sides and of even thickness. The glass is pulled off the tin bath by rollers. The variation in speed in which the glass is pulled off the tin bath varies glass thickness.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is safer than regular glass because it crumbles when broken instead of breaking into sharp shards, which makes it less likely to injure people or pets. Tempered Glass can be used in any window, but it is required by code in specific situations such as doors with windows and large windows close to floors.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is made by cutting two or three pieces of glass the same size, cleaning them, and placing airspace between the pieces. The space of dry air between each glass layer is what gives double and triple pane glass windows and doors their insulating capability. Sometimes the dry airspace is filled with argon or other inert gases for a better R-value. The R-value is the measurement of a material’s capacity to resist heat flow from one side to the other. R-value measures the effectiveness of insulation, and so a higher number represents better insulation.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass has a pattern embedded into its surface. Patterns create a form of decoration plus they distort the ability to see through the glass. Architects, interior designers and homeowners use obscure glass in windows for its decorative effects but also to provide privacy and security. Painted and stained glass are other types of obscure glass.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is like obscure glass since it distorts viewing inside a window, but it increases energy savings by reducing solar heat gain while allowing some of the visible light to pass through.

Tinted Glass

One of the most popular uses of tinted glass is for the purpose of decreasing the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light transmission through windows. UV light fades your furniture and your carpet. Tinted glass can be used to help your home retain heat in the winter and can lower your cooling costs in the summer. Tinted glass also helps to reduce heat buildup and cut glare so every room in your house is comfortable. A Low Emissivity (Low-E) coating is applied to the glass that reduces the ultraviolet light transmission, and also protects your family from harmful UV rays.

Laminated Glass

Bulletproof glass is a laminate glass and is made from multiple layers of glass and plastic bonded together. Laminated glass is defined as a specific type of safety glass because it is made of two plates of a specific shatter-proof material that are placed between two sheets of glass. This type of construction helps prevent shattering because the inter-layer holds together in the event of breakage. Some benefits of laminated glass are safety, security, solar energy and UV control, sound reduction, durability and design versatility.

Thermal Sensitive Glass

Thermal sensitive glass that automatically darkens as the sun directly hits windows elevating the external and internal temperature of the windows and subsequently the room temperature where the windows are located. The light transmission is reduced to 4% as the window heats up and as it cools later in the day, allows more light transmission. This is an excellent solution for south and western exposures where heat enters the enclosure via the windows and results in additional cooling costs.

Small Hammered Glass

This cathedral glass is heavily textured clear glass with small round impressions that look like hammered copper or brass. This glass offers distortion but has enough transparency to see through. These characteristics make it perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications.

Water Glass

This clear, transparent glass features a dramatic standing water effect which is highlighted by finite ridge definitions.

Clear Delta Frosted Textured Glass

Clear Delta textured glass adds sparkle and texture to your stained or architectural glass projects. Clear textured glass is ideal for applications where you want light to enter but still want privacy.

Single Glue Chip Glass

Single Glue Chip is a decorative glass that has a “frost texture.” The pattern is created by applying hot glue to the sandblasted surface of clear float glass. The glass cools under controlled temperature and humidity conditions to form the pattern.

Clear Seed Glass

Clear seed glass may be recognied by its small, elongated bubbled pattern. This glass dates from colonial times. Air is injected into the molten glass before it formed into a sheet. The glass is textured and is transparent, which makes it a good choice for shower enclosures and kitchen cabinets. This type of glass cannot be tempered.